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Over the years Technico Diesel Services has steadfastly built up an unparalleled reputation in the service, repair and supply of fuel injection equipment. The traditional ethos of the company remains unchanged with service to the customer taking priority. By successfully moving with the times Technico Diesel Services has improved this service further by investing in up to date test equipment suitable to test all types of fuel injection equipment.
  Technico is at the forefront in the industry offering:
 Calibration,Service and Repair of Slow, Medium and High Speed Fuel Pumps and Fuel Injectors
Multi Brand servicing  - we repair all leading brands such as Bosch, Delphi, Caterpillar, Stanadyne, Cummins,Yanmar, Doowan, Denzo,GM Injectors etc.-
Expertise in Marine Fuel Injection System
Ultrasonic Cleaning for Petrol injectors
Fast Fault Diagnosis and Repair
Latest Diagnostic and Test Equipment
Well Trained & Experienced Technicians
Extensive Stock of Spare Parts
Local Pick Up and Delivery Service



Testing & Calibration of Diesel fuel Injection Pumps & Injectors.
All Diesel Pumps & Injectors are completely tested and calibrated on our latest diesel fuel injection pump test bench. This assures that your pump will be leak free, working properly mechanically, and performing to specifications. All pumps are tested with both "cold" and "hot" calibration fluid. This allows our Technicians to make extra sure that all internal parts are within specifications by increasing their tolerances. All pumps are calibrated to the highest allowable fuel delivery specification for maximum performance. If the specifications require 47cc's-53cc's, the pump will be calibrated to 53cc's. We take the extra time on the test stand to achieve maximum performance
Petrol Injector servicing
Ultrasonic cleaning process and variable cycle program cleans the inside of the injector, the pintle valve head, pintle seat and pintle needle guides, all back to their original manufactured condition.

Once the injectors have been tested, the pintle protection caps, filter baskets, spacers and o-rings are removed using the purpose built tools. The injectors are then placed in the purpose built ultrasonic cleaning bath for cleaning.

We test the injectors for

Leaks - The pressure regulator allows any system pressure from 0 to 8 bar to be set. Furthermore variable system pressure can be used to test for injector leaks.

Fuel Spray Management - Spray pattern shapes and atomisation quality are easily inspected in machine's Display window.

Fuel Delivery Volumes -
The precise quantity of fuel delivered can be measured and compared for up to 8 top feed or 6 side feed injectors at one time.

Electronic Operation - The machine examines the injectors performance during a 10 programme option millisecond and RPM simulation programme.

After the injectors are clean, serviceable items are replaced. The injectors are refitted with new filter baskets, pintle protection caps, spacers and O-Ring seals.
Then the injectors are retested for leaks, spray pattern shape and atomisation, fuel delivery volumes and correct electronic operation. When the operator is satisfied that the injectors are performing as a properly matched balanced set, they are ready to be returned to the engine

Advantages of Ultrasonic cleaning
 Reduce Exhaust Poullution
 Improve fuel Economy
 Increase Engine Performance
 Reduce Service & Repair Costs
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
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