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provide the highest quality service on diesel fuel injection pumps, diesel & Petrol fuel injectors. Please read the following if you want to know more about our work procedures , ie. when you bring a Fuel injection Pump to us for calibration, we use to follow the below given procedures.
We completely disassemble all diesel fuel injection pumps. We don't cut corners by removing just the sub-assemblies, checking them, and then re-installing. Our technicians are trained to find the problem and not assume that the problem was corrected in the rebuilding process. A lot of times the problem is caused by bad fuel, water, mis-alignment of the pump to the engine, and other factors. We have the experience to understand and see that once you re-installed your pump you would be back in the same boat again. This is why completely disassembling your pump is key to finding and correcting all of the problems. We give you alot more for your money.

All the parts of your pump are completely cleaned. Proper cleaning is vital to a professional rebuild as this provides the proper foundation. We have the best cleaning equipment and chemicals that allows us to reach and clean even the tightest of places. But clean parts are just half the battle. All rebuilds are performed in the cleanest environment as well.

Parts Inspection

All parts that are worn beyond specifications, missing, incorrect, or borderline are replaced. Some diesel fuel injection components must be replaced as matched sets. We always install matched sets and never attempt to install a worn part with a new part. A variety of inspections and tests are performed on all parts. We use the best equipment and tools, and our expert knowledge to determine what parts, if any, will need replaced. We only install the parts that your pump requires. Our Technicians are not motivated or pressured to sell you parts. we are not in business for the parts manufacturers, we are in business for you.

The best tools and equipment will be used by our Technicians when rebuilding your pump. Assembling is performed in a step by step manner while sticking to strict specifications. As the individual parts become sub-assemblies our Technicians stop and check their work to assure that there are no problems. Our Technicians are not afraid to refer to the applicable service manuals if they do encounter a problem. Our Technicians are highly trained, experienced individuals and are not too proud to seek help from one another on any problems to assure that you receive what you paid for. This is such a rare quality to have in our trade.

Testing & Calibration
Finally, all pumps are completely tested and calibrated on our latest diesel fuel injection pump test bench. This assures that your pump will be leak free, working properly mechanically, and performing to specifications. All pumps are tested with both "cold" and "hot" calibration fluid. This allows our Technicians to make extra sure that all internal parts are within specifications by increasing their tolerances. All pumps are calibrated to the highest allowable fuel delivery specification for maximum performance. If the specifications require 47cc's-53cc's, the pump will be calibrated to 53cc's. We take the extra time on the test stand to achieve maximum performance.
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